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If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, then we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win football games.

---Paul "Bear" Bryant

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Come Join the Golf League

That's right, were set to go again. This time bigger, better, and we plan to travel to different courses. Come out Monday night at 5:30 PM to The Deltona Club for our first night of the golf league. Get your flier here, fill it out, and send it here. We will get you signed up and ready to play. Bring a partner if you can, if not we will try to set you up with one, just let us know ahead of time. The cost is only $20 a week, an it is well worth the good times. See you on the course.

Coach Vogt Leaves UHS

As many of already know, our UHS inaugural coach has taken an opportunity to coach in North Carolina, and effective immedietely will no longer coach our Titans. Coach Vogt leaves us with all of the best wishes and hopes for our continued success in the future, but the opportunity to coach near where he played in college at a great high school seemed the right choice for him and his young family.

Coach Vogt was the leading part of what has come to be known as the 'Foundation' at UHS, the players and coaches that took part in the first two seasons here. He often bragged to anyone who would listen about players leaving other schools and the courage and commitment it took for those players to come to UHS and start something new, when most were already a part of existing programs. In retrospect, he was a part of a program too, and displayed much the same courage and commitment in coming to UHS and starting something that has become very special to thousands of players, coaches, parents and fans.

Coach would conitinue into his third year at UHS, leading what we have coined as the 'Generation', the successors to the 'Foundation'. In his three years here at UHS, he has taught our young men to become student athletes versed in football, true. But more importantly he has focused on creating viable citizens with strength, integrity and character. He coached kids to go out into the world and be proud of who they were, and that to me is far more important than any set of plays he taught them.

Coach, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and should your travels find you back our way, UHS is always your home. Slainte' (for you younger pups, that's the Irish toast meaning 'good health').

UHS Announces New Head Football Coach

Coach Brian Kells was announced last week as the new head football coach at UHS. Coach Kells is no stranger to our football program, having coached the 'Foundation', and was the head coach of JV in 2011. Coach Kells has served the last three years as the Head Wrestling coach and has built an incredible wrestling program here at UHS, taking many top honors throughout Florida.

I had an oppotunity to sit and talk with Coach Kells during the JV wrestling meet on Saturday and aked him a few questions:

Me: Coach, how excited are you about the opportunity to coach UHS, an 8A program and one o the largest in Central Florida?

Coach: Very. I am very excited. It came as a complete surprise to me that Coach Vogt was leaving, then it all happened very fast. I was in for an interview one day, the next I had the job. It was good for me because I wanted an opportunity like this and I have been involved with these student athletes since the school started.

Me: Do you think you can pick right up where CV left off?

Coach: Absolutely. Iv'e watched this program improve dramatically over the first three years, and know that we can continue to make those strides that push this program to the top in Central Florida.

Me: How about the coaching staff? Do you see any major changes?

Coach: We have a lot of great coaches here, so it will be great to continue working with most of them. With new budget constraints being handed down by the district, it makes it very difficult to bring in new coaches, but I have a plan that I am confident will put coaches in the right place to make the team successful.

Me: How do see yourself building our football team for the future?

Coach: We can't make our focus only on building a football team, we have to build a program... a complete package here at UHS, and it starts right here in this office. We continue to build citizens, sons and football players, and focus efforts on our community, and football team will just be there.

Me: Tell me about the crew of upcoming players you have.

Coach: Well, that is the most exciting part. I think we have some of the best athletes we have had yet, and certainly on par with anyone else in Central Florida. We have to start fast and focus on our talent, and putting them in the right places to be successful. Best of all, our kids do what we ask them to. They just get out there and do it. We have some plans in place to teach our team how to be accountable to their teachers, parents, coaches and most importantly to each other. Through those types of relationships, this is a 'sky is the limit' team. I am very excited.

Thanks coach for taking the time to sit and talk with me a bit. We, your community, are behind you 110%. Lets go build a future...

Some Messages from Coach Kells

Attention parents, we will be forming the 12th man committee. The 12th man committee will help to plan events, fundraisers, pre-game meals, camps, clinics, and Monday parent film night. If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact Coach Kells (386)316-3492 or by email here. The kickoff meeting will be held on Tuesday January 22nd at 6pm in the UHS Lecture Hall.

Attention all players, there will be an informational meeting for all players this Wednesday January 9th in the auditorium during the first 15 minutes of lunch. This meeting is for anyone interested in playing football. Any questions stop by 2e-109 and see Coach Kells. Off Season work outs begin this Monday January 14th immediately following school. All players should report directly to the weight room.

And here are a few photos for your viewing plesure...

Titans - Always.